Patient Information

General Patient and Visitor Information

Western Health hopes to make your stay in hospital as comfortable as possible and we've provided an listing of some frequently asked questions with answers hat you may want to know before your visit.

Is there an Interpreting service?

Western Health provides interpreters in all languages including sign language. If you need an interpreter during your hospital stay, please advise the nursing staff who will be happy to arrange this service.

How do I park at your hospital?

Public car parking is available for an hourly fee, as well as short term parking at our hospitals. Please do not park in areas designated for hospital related services such as the ambulance bay. For patients who spend more than two weeks in hospital, discount rates apply for their visitors. Please ask the ward reception for more information.

Can I smoke and drink alcohol?

In the interests of your health and the health of others, smoking is not permitted in the hospital. This applies to hospital visitors, staff and patients, in our buildings and grounds. However, it is accepted that some patients may find it difficult to refrain from smoking during their stay and for this reason a small number of external smoking areas have been provided. Please check with your nurse for their location. Patients may nor drink alcohol or use drugs on hospital premises unless prescribed by medical staff.

Do you have a Café and Kiosk?

Cafeterias and a kiosk are located on the ground floor of each hospital and are open to the public.

Telephones and mail

Public telephones are located in accessible areas. Telephones are available for hire. Please contact your ward for more details. Mobile telephones can cause malfunction of electronic medical equipment and should not be used within the hospital. Incoming mail is delivered to your bedside daily. We will post your mail - please ask the Ward Clerk for details. Stamps are available from the Kiosk on the ground floor. Letters should be addressed as follows: Mr/Mrs/Ms (Full Name) c/- Ward ��..Sunshine Hospital, PO Box 294, St Albans 3021.

Can I watch Television and listen to the Radio?

Television sets specially adapted for hospital use are available for hire on some wards. Details may be obtained from the Admitting Office or Wards. Please note that private television sets are not permitted. Personal transistor radios must be used with earpieces to avoid disturbing other patients.

Worship and chaplaincy

The Worship Centre is open 24 hours a day for patients and visitors. You are welcome to use it for quiet thought or prayer at any time. Religious faith representatives and clergy of all denominations may be contacted through the hospital chaplain or nurse who will arrange a visit for you.

ATM Facilities

A SGE Credit Union ATM, which accepts most cards, is available in the hospital foyer near reception.

Infection control

Western Health's Infection Control Program aims to minimise and reduce the risk of transmitting hospital-acquired infections to patients, staff and visitors. This means it is sometimes necessary for a patient to be cared for in isolation. Should this be necessary the patient concerned will be fully informed regarding the reasons for this and the procedures required.


Our staff are fully trained in emergency procedures, such as those employed in case of fire. In the event of any emergency, you should stay by your bed until instructed otherwise by a member of hospital staff. In the case of fire, do not use the lifts. In the event that a fellow patient needs help because of some mishap, you are asked to refrain from offering physical assistance. Instead you should immediately call for a member of staff using the nurse call button.

Social work

Admission to hospital can cause extra stress and worry, and going home may mean extra help or assistance is needed. Social Workers are trained to help patients and their families make these changes more easily. Their professional advice is available on a confidential basis. To see a Social Worker, ask a member of staff or your family to contact the Social Worker on duty.

Assistance to patients from relatives and friends

Family members are encouraged to participate in some aspects of patient care where deemed appropriate by nursing staff. This may include helping the patient eat during visiting times. Such additional care by family members or patients where children are concerned is believed to assist in recovery by offering extra comfort and fostering a supportive environment.

Discharge at own risk

With few exceptions (as in the case of infectious diseases), patients have the right to leave the hospital when they choose. This may be a serious step when taken against the advice of your doctor and could pose a serious threat to your wellbeing. If you choose to be discharged under these circumstances, you will be asked to sign a "disclaimer" form and the responsibility for this action will rest with you. If you proceed with discharge against medical advice and your condition does not improve or cause you concern you should seek immediate medical attention or return to the hospital's Emergency Department.

12 June, 2010