Complaints and Compliments: The role of the Patient Representative

As the major provider of health care services in Melbourne's West, Western Health is committed to the delivery of high quality health care.

If you are a patient in one of our hospitals - Sunshine Hospital, Western Hospital and The Williamstown Hospital, or our nursing homes - Reg Geary House and Hazeldean Nursing Home and you experience any problems during your stay, please inform the staff in the ward immediately.

In most cases, they can assist in resolving any difficulties. If your problems are not resolved and you would like further assistance, please contact the Patient Representative at your respective site.

Patient Representatives are available to assist you in the resolution of problems that you may have with the service we provide.

The Patient Representative will:

* Respect your needs and provide support for you and your family,

* Ensure your rights and those of your family are protected,

* Discuss all of your concerns in discreet and confidential manner,

* Assist in resolving any complaint with the hospital service and ensure the complaint is thoroughly

* Discuss your concerns with the appropriate staff members, and advise you and your family members of the outcome,

* Assist you in obtaining clear information regarding your medical condition, treatment and care plan,

* Arrange family meetings and, where neccessary, mediate inorder to resolve difficulties between staff and family members,

* Advise hospital management regarding improvements that could be made as a result of complaint or patient feedback.

How to contact the Patient Representative

You can contact your patient representative by telephone or by a written letter (see details below). Alternatively, you can make an appointment to personally discuss your concerns.

Western Hospital Patient Representative
Western Hospital, Gordon Street, Footscray
Telephone: (03) 8345 6811 Fax: (03) 9317 7815

Sunshine Hospital Patient Representative
Sunshine Hospital, 176 Furlong Road, St Albans, 3021
Telephone: (03) 8345 1502 Fax: (03) 8345 0284

The Williamstown Hospital
Hazeldean Nursing Home
Reg Geary House
C/O Western Hospital Patient Representative
Telephone: (03) 8345 6811 Fax: (03) 9317 7815

28 February, 2010