Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

The lumbar spine or low back is the third major region of the spine. Most people have five bone blocks or vertebrae in the lumbar spine, although it is not unusual to have four or six. Each vertebra is stacked on top of the other and between each vertebra is a gel-like cushion called a disc (intervertebral disc). The vertebrae and discs are held together by groups of ligaments with small joints that help to make the spine flexible.

In the center of the spinal column is a vertical canal that contains the spinal cord. Nerves emerge from the spinal cord through spaces between each vetebrae. The spinal cord and the nerves form a communicating pathway between the brain and muscles by transmision of 'electrical signals'.

A common cause of low back pain is lumbar spinal stenosis. It occurs when the space around the spinal cord in the lower back narrows.

25 September, 2011