Tennis Elbow | Lateral Epicondylitis


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These steps may help you prevent a tennis elbow injury:

  • Review your technique. Have a tennis professional review your technique to see if you're using the proper motion. Swing the racket with your whole arm and get your entire body involved in the stroke, not just your wrist. Keep your wrist rigid during ball contact. Also, make sure you have the proper racket grip size and string tension. A lower string tension transmits less force up to the elbow.
  • Build your strength. Prepare for any sport season with appropriate preseason conditioning. Do strengthening exercises with a hand weight by flexing and extending your wrists. Letting the weight down slowly after extending your wrist is one way of building strength so that force is absorbed into your tissue.
  • Keep your wrist straight. During any lifting activity — including weight training — or during tennis strokes, try to keep your wrist straight and rigid. Let the bigger, more powerful muscles of your upper arm do more of the work than your smaller forearm muscles do.
  • Warm up properly. Gently stretch the forearm muscles at your wrist before and after use.
  • Use ice. After heavy use of your arm, apply an ice pack or use ice massage. For ice massage, fill a sturdy paper or plastic foam cup with water and freeze it. Then, roll the ice directly on the outside of your elbow in a circular motion for five to seven minutes.
17 June, 2010