Shoulder Replacement

A right shoulder with a total shoulder replacement
Diagram of a right shoulder with a total shoulder replacement
(a) acromion, (c) clavicle, (s) scapula, (h) humerus, (r) total shoulder replacement

What is a Shoulder Replacement?

A Shoulder Replacement is surgery to replace the bones of the shoulder joint with artificial joint parts.

The most common reason to replace a shoulder joint is osteoarthritis.

Your shoulder joint is a type of ball and socket joint. The ball is the end of your humerus (upper arm bone) called your humeral head and the socket is part of your shoulder blade (scapula) called your glenoid. This type of joint allows your shoulder to be very flexible and allows you to have a great range of movement with your shoulder and arm.

During a total shoulder replacement, the round ball of your arm bone (humeral head) and the socket (glenoid) will be replaced.

Depending on the design of the prosthesis (artificial joint), your humeral head may be replaced with a metallic ball and stem, whilst your glenoid may be replaced with an artificial socket made of special plastic, metal or both.

Also known as

  • Shoulder arthroplasty
  • Total shoulder replacement
  • Total shoulder arthroplasty
  • Endoprosthetic shoulder replacement
  • Replacement - shoulder
  • Arthroplasty - shoulder
18 February, 2012