Fractured Humerus

The humerus is the bone of your upper arm. It connects your shoulder to your elbow.

The treatment of your humerus fractures depends on many factors. One of those factors is the location of the break. SurgeonFractured Humeruss divide the humerus into 3 main areas:

  • Promixal humerus. Fractures in the proximal humerus occur near the shoulder joint. These fractures often occur in older patients with osteoporosis and can effect the long term flexibility of the shoulder.
  • Mid-shaft humerus. These fractures are located in the middle of the humerus and are often treated by casts, braces and slings. There is a special nerve, called the Radial Nerve, that may by injured or bruised when the middle of the humerus is fractured.
  • Distal humerus. These fractures are very common in children and very often need to be straightened / re-aligned into a proper position and temporarily held with surgical pins, wires or screws. In Adults, these fractures often involve the elbow joint, and commonly need an operation to properly fix it. Depending on the exact location, distal humeral fractures can also be called Supracondylar Fractures.

elbow fracture humerus

8 November, 2013