Biceps Tendonitis

The Biceps is the muscle on the front of your arm that bulges as you bend your elbow. Its tendons attach to the shoulder blade (scapula) and at the elbow (to the radius - a bone in in your forearm). Near its attachment to the shoulder blade, the biceps tendon runs through the top edge of the shoulder joint.

Normal wear and tear as we age results in gradual degeneration and injury in the tendon. When this becomes serious enough, the tendon becomes irritated or inflamed, resulting in tendonitis. This is more likely to occur when there are pre-existing injuries in the shoulder, particularly in the rotator cuff, or when repetitive high-stress activities have put excess strain on the tendon.

As biceps tendonitis is relatively common, there are a number of very effective treatments available to relieve pain. These may involve simple rest and pain-relief, through to intensive physiotherapy and even surgery. The choice of treatment will vary with the severity of the tendonitis and the strength and function required in the affected arm.


4 August, 2012