Total Knee Replacement


Most people are admitted to hospital on the day of their surgery.


The anaesthetic team will see you and decide the type of anaesthetic that's best for you.

The different types of anaesthesia include:

  • General Anaesthetic. This type of anaesthetic puts you asleep during the whole procedure and a machine controls your breathing.
  • Spinal Anaesthetic. An injection is placed into your back to numb your hip and legs. You will be awake during the procedure, however a sedative can be given to you to help you doze off.
  • Nerve Blocks. This special injection is used to help with your pain after the operation and often used  in conjunction with a general anaesthetic.

The Operation

The operation usually takes around 2hrs.

Your surgeon will make an incision that is typically around 15 - 25 cm. It usually runs straight down the middle of the front of your knee.

Precise surgical bone cuts are made at the end of your femur (thigh bone) and the top of your tibia (shin bone), thereby removing your arthritic knee joint.

The knee replacement is made of surgical grade metal alloy and plastic.

It is inserted and held in place either by surgical cement, a special coating on the metal or screws.

Recovery Room

After the operation, you will be resting in the recovery room, where specially trained nurses will closely monitor you. This usually takes 1 to 2 hours. After which, you will be taken to your hospital room.


18 April, 2014