ACL Injury


There are a few steps you can take to decrease the chance of getting an ACL injury:

  • Firstly use proper sporting technique: Learning how to safely do actions in your sport like jumping or quick turning are easy ways to prevent injury. Also protective sporting equipment designed for that sport may be an option.
  • Condition yourself: Many high performing athletes reduce their risk of ACL injury doing training drills. These routines incorporate things like agility, balance and power to help teach the muscle to react properly.
  • Hamstring strengthening (especially for women): As womenare at a higher risk of ACL injury they should take care to strengthen and stretch their muscles.
  • Maintain fitness: If you're on a seasonal sports team, stay active and fit throughtout the year. This helps prevent you getting injured when your season starts.

Contrary to popular belief, using a knee brace during sports doesn't reduce your risk of injury. It only provides a false sense of security.

14 October, 2012