ACL Injury

F.A.Q. | Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to return to sports?

Everyone recovers at a different rate. The most standard answer that you will hear from the doctor is six months. It’s possible to return sooner than six months, but the risks for re-injury are higher. It takes about 12-18 months for your new ACL to be in peak condition. At six months, it is about 80-85%, this is considered to be strong enough to return to sports. Usually wearing a brace of some sort, but not always. My doctor doesn’t believe in any kind of bracing after recovery.

I feel weird pains in my knee, is this normal?

Yes. You have to remember that no matter how good doctors get at ACL surgery, it is still a major procedure that will effect you for a long time.

Will i need surgery?

It depends. ACL tears can be partial or complete. With stretching and strengthening exercises and often a good knee brace, it is possible to live with a tear. If you find you can not lead the life you wish and are unwilling to modify it, then surgery is for you. "Modify your life to fit your knee or modify your knee to fit your life" is the standard quote. However, surgery is frequently recommended for very active patients, particularly those involved in sports.




29 August, 2011