Total Hip Replacement

After the Operation

Xray of both hips. The right hip has a Total Hip Replacement and the left hip is normal.
Xray of both hips.
The right hip has a Total Hip Replacement and the left hip is normal.

Immediately after the operation

You will wake up in the recovery area after the operation is completed. You may not be able to feel or move your leg for the next few hours due to the anesthetic you have just had. You may need to have some painkillers after the anesthetic wears off, as the hip will be sore following the operation.

You may be given an injection to stop blood clots from forming in your legs. These injections are usually given on a daily basis whilst you are in hospital.

A pillow may be placed between your legs for the first day after your operation to make sure the hip replacement stays in the right place.

Day 1

You will have a blood test to check your blood levels and an X-ray to check the hip replacement is sitting correctly.

The wound will be checked and you will be given painkillers to manage the pain after the operation.

The physiotherapist will come to see you and give you simple exercises to start your recovery from the operation. You will be able to walk with assistance as early as day 1 - 2 after your operation.

During your hospital stay

Whilst in hospital you will be monitored to ensure there are no complications from your operation and that you are medically stable.

You will continue to see the physiotherapist on a daily basis who will prescribe exercises and help you to get back on your feet and walking. Often after the operation you may need a frame to walk with in the early phases of recovery and you will probably go home with crutches.

The physiotherapist, and your doctors will discuss with you whether you can go straight home after your hospital stay or whether you need to have some time with the rehabilitation team in the hospital.

Most people that are fit and well before their operation only stay in hospital for 4-5 days after their operation. If you have several other medical problems or you are slow to recover, your hospital stay may be longer.

Recovery & Rehabilitation About the Operation

18 April, 2014