Hip Fractures

Xray of a fractured neck of femur
Xray of a fractured neck of femur

What are the symptoms of a hip fracture?

If you have a hip fracture, you will know it immediately. You most likely have had a fall or twisting injury. After the fall, you will

  • not be able to get up off the ground
  • have severe pain in your groin
  • won't be able to put weight on the leg
  • may have bruising around the side of your hip
  • may have a shorter leg on the side of your injured hip
  • your foot may be pointing outwards

Sometimes, if your fracture (break in the bone) has been slight, you may not have any of the symptoms above and may be even be able to walk. The only symptom you may have is pain in the groin.

9 August, 2012