Intramedullary Nails

What is an Intramedullary Nail?

An intramedullary nail (also known as an intramedullary rod), is a metal nail that is surgically inserted into a bone that has been broken (fractured). Intramedullary nails are used to straigthen and hold fractures so that they can properly heal.

The thigh bone is known as the femur. It forms the hip joint at one end with the ball of the femur and the knee at the other end. The long section of bone in the middle of the femur is called the shaft of the femur.

If the thigh bone is fractured, it is generally very unstable and requires surgery to ensure proper healing. An intramedullary nail is surgically inserted through the centre of the thigh bone (running from the hip to the knee), in order to stabilise the two ends of the fracture.

7 August, 2012