Exercises After Hip Replacement


Patients undergoing a total hip replacement will usually be expecting to have a significant reduction in the pain associated with their underlying hip problem as well as an improvement in what they can do with their hip. This is a very reasonable expectation, but in order get the most out of a total hip replacement, it is important to follow an exercise rehabilitation program. This will ensure the the muscles of the hip recover their strength and maintain a stable joint.

Usually you will be seen following the operation by a physiotherapist who will help you with the initial exercises and then guide you through to the time when you are ready to leave the hospital. You will be sent home with an exercise program and will be expected to attend clinics and further physiotherapy appointments in order to continue to progress through your rehabilitation program. The following information should be used as a general guide as to what type of exercises to expect however the individual program prescribed by your physiotherapist should always be adhered to.

28 September, 2011