Fracture of the Scaphoid


What is a scaphoid fracture?

A scaphoid fracture is a break in one of the small bones of the wrist known as the scaphoid.

The scaphoid is one of 8 bones which are called your carpal bones. The carpal bones are located between your forearm bones (radius and ulna) and your metacarpals. Your scaphoid lies at the base of your thumb.

scaphoid fracture


A scaphoid fracture is a common injury which is usually sustained after falling over and landing heavily onto your hand.

When the scaphoid bone breaks, the blood supply can also be disrupted, which leads to not enough nutrients reaching the bone.

Becuase of this, a fractured scaphoid can take longer to heal (called delayed union) or fail to head (called nonunion).


17 September, 2012