Broken Wrist 

(fractured distal radius)


The treatment of the a fractured distal radius depends on the type and severity of the fracture. These treatments include:

  • Plaster Cast
  • Manipulation and Plaster Cast
  • Surgery

Plaster Cast

If your wrist is in good alignment, you may be treated in a plaster cast. This is generally for 6 weeks.

Manipulation and Plaster Cast

If your broken wrist is deformed and needs to be straightened or manipulated, then your doctor or surgeon will recommend a procedure called Manipulation or Reduction. This may be done in the Emergency Department or in Theatre with either a general anaesthetic to put you asleep or a regional anaesthetic to numb your hand.


Surgery is sometimes needed to put the bone back into the correct position and hold it with either surgical wires or plates and screws. These devices hold your bone in the proper position whilst your fracture is healing.


After your cast or splint is removed, you'll likely need rehabilitation exercises or physiotherapy to reduce your stiffness and restore movement to your wrist.

The rehabilitation can take up to several months — or even longer — for complete healing of severe injuries.

17 September, 2012