Broken Wrist 

(fractured distal radius)


It is impossible to prevent the unforeseen events that often cause a broken wrist. But there are some basic tips that may offer some protection.

Check for Osteoporosis

See your GP to test your osteoporosis. If you have osteoporosis, your GP can advise a number of possible treatments including medications and dietary recommendations.

Strengthen your bones

.Build strong bones by:

  • Doing plenty of weight-bearing exercise, such as brisk walking.
  • Eating calcium-rich foods such as milk, yogurt and cheese

Prevent falls.

Most broken wrists occur when people fall forward onto an outstretched hand.
To reduce your risk of falling:

  • Wear sensible flat shoes
  • Remove home hazards that can lead to tripping and falling.
  • Light up your living space
  • Install grab bars in your bathroom
  • Install handrails on your stairways

Use protective gear for Sports and other activities

Wear wrist guards for high-risk activities, such as:

  • In-line skating
  • Snowboarding
17 September, 2012