Broken Wrist 

(fractured distal radius)


Imaging scans are crucial to the diagnosis and treatment of wrist fractures.


Most wrist fractures can be diagnosed using X-rays. Most of the time, an Xray is all that is needed to diagnose and help treat a fracture.

Sometimes, a fracture can be very dificult to see if the bone is only slightly cracked.

Xray of a fracture of the distal radius
Xray of a fracture of the distal radius
Xray of a normal hand
Xray of a normal hand

CT Scan

CT scans can often uncover wrist fractures that X-rays might miss.

A CT scan can also be useful if your surgeon needs a more detailed image of the fracture to help plan your treatment.

A CT scan uses a series of X-rays taken from a variety of angles. A computer then combines these images to give cross-sectional slices and 3D reconstructions of your wrist.

The test is painless and usually takes less than 20 minutes.

13 June, 2010