Fixation of Scaphoid Fractures


Treatment of scaphoid fractures is guided by the fracture location (proximal, waist, distal), displacement (instability) of the fracture and patient tolerance for cast immobilization. During scaphoid fixation, metal implants such as screws and wires are used to hold the fragmented bones in place until the bone is fully healed.

When your doctor makes a surgical incision the size is dependent on the site of the scaphoid affected. Sometimes, the screws and wires can be placed through small incision (percutaneously, 1-2mm).

In other cases, a larger incision is needed to ensure the fragments of the scaphoid are aligned properly. A bone graft is occasionally required when the fragmented bones are more than 2 pieces, to stimulate bone healing. This graft can be taken from the forearm bone of the same arm, or hip.

17 September, 2012