Complications of Surgery


Surgery can be a major stress on the body, and as a result a number of complications may occur. This chapter provides some detail on the more common complications of surgery. The risks of these occurring varies depending on the type of surgery, so any particular concerns should be discussed with the surgeon.

After surgery, it is common to feel:

  • Drowsy and nauseous
  • To have some degree of difficulty using bowels and bladder
  • To have some shortness of breath and a slight fever

To avoid the common complications of surgery you can:

  • Cease smoking and maintain a healthy weight prior to surgery.
  • Start moving around as soon as possible after surgery.
  • Follow the advice of the physiotherapists on the ward.
    • In particular, perform the breathing exercises prescribed to keep your lungs infated and reduce the risk of contracting pneumonia.
  • Talk to your nurse and ward doctor if you start to feel sick and feverish in the days following surgery. In particular, tell your nurse if you notice:
5 January, 2012