What is a Cheilectomy?

A cheilectomy is an operation to remove extra bone that forms on the top of the big toe joint.

Cheilectomy Foot Arthritis

The commonest reason for excess bone over the big toe is osteoarthritis, or 'hallux rigidus'.

The gradual wearing away of the joint cartilage causes pain and stiffness which is exacerbated by a compensatory growth of bone. By removing this bone, some of the pain of osteoarthritis can be removed as the big toe regains movement.

This image shows spurs forming over the top of bone in the large toe.

After the wound has healed, you should move the toe as soon as possible to help regain movement. You can expect to put weight on your toe the day of the surgery.

This operation can give good temporary relief and is recommended for less severe forms of osteoarthritis. However, as the osteoarthritis worsens, you may need other operations such as a big toe fusion.

6 August, 2012