Surgery for Hallux Valgus

What is Surgery for Hallux Valgus?

Hallux Valgus, more commonly known as bunions, is a common deformity. For many people, increasing pain and stiffness makes walking and fitting shoes difficult. Eventually, more conservative ways of managing bunions become inadequate and surgery becomes an option.

Surgical correction of hallux valgus can encompass a few different procedures, including:

  • Soft tissue realignment.
  • Osteotomy
  • Re-positioning the sesamoids.
  • Arthrodesis or Fusion.

The type of surgery chosen for you will depend on

  • the severity of your bunions
  • the state of the blood vessels, nerves and other tissues in your foot
  • your expectations after recovery.

The recovery from hallux valgus surgery lasts weeks to months. In the first few weeks after the operation you will need to avoid putting any weight on your foot and will have to spend lots of time with your foot elevated. After this, swelling and pain will gradually go down and you can physiotherapy will help speed your return to weight-bearing and wearing normal shoes.

It is very important to clarify what degree of activity you expect after recovering from surgery, and in particular if you wish to continue playing sports. In addition, you need to discuss the cosmetic outcome of surgery.


Diagram of the Foot looking from above. It shows Hallux Valgus. Commonly known as a Bunion.

15 October, 2011