Ankle Stabilisation

What is an Ankle Stabilisation?

An Ankle Stabilisation is an operation used to stabilise your ankle joint after the ligaments that usually hold it steady have been torn or overstretched.

If you need your ankle stabilised, it is usually because you have rolled or sprained your ankle on many many occasions; and despite physiotherapy, exercises, and braces, your ankle feels unstable when you walk, run or play sport.

The most common ligaments affected are the ATFL (AnteroTaloFibula Ligament) and the CFL (CalcaneoFibula Ligament). These ligaments are located on the outside and front aspect of your ankle.

Most commonly, the operation involves retensioning or repairing these ligaments. On some occasions it may be necessary to re-routed another tendon in your foot to help stabilise your ankle.

Ligaments of the Ankle


31 March, 2012