Ankle Arthroscopy

Definition | What is an Ankle Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a form of 'key-hole' surgery. It involves one or more small cuts in the skin, where a small camera (called an arthroscope) can be inserted to look inside your ankle joint and perform operations, like washing.

The arthroscope is only three to four millimeters wide and is inserted into the ankle through small incisions in the skin. Often your surgeon will make 2 to 3 incisions to perform the operation.

Your surgeon will be able to access your joint and may perform a number of treatments to your ankle joint, including:

  • treating cartilage lesions
  • removing loose bodies
  • removing bone spurs called osteophytes
  • cleaning the joint by through washing or cutting away infected or damaged tissues.

The operation is often performed under a general anaesthetic as a day case.

20 January, 2012