Sesamoiditis refers to irritation to tendons that run under the sole of the foot. These tendons surround small disc-shaped bones called the sesamoids, found in the ball of the foot.

The sesamoid bones help to strengthen the tendons, assisting with running and with keeping the big toe joint stable (1st MTP joint).

Sesamoiditis is a relatively common cause of pain and is treated with anti-inflammatory medication, rest and ice.

Sometimes, the sesamoid bones can get broken (usually a stress or hairline fracture) - in this case, you may need to stay off your foot (see non-weight-bearing) to rest the bone and allow it to heal. The treatment for a broken sesamoid bone will vary depending on you and how severe the fracture is, however in some cases crutches are needed for 6 weeks.

It's helpful to see your family doctor, or GP, as they can examine your foot and decide if you need X-Rays to look for other causes of pain. They can also refer you to an orthotist, physiotherapist or an orthopaedic surgeon for specialised treatment.


4 September, 2012