Fracture of the Talus

The talus is the in your foot that forms your ankle joint with the leg bones. It is the bone in the foot directly supporting the leg.

Usually a great deal of force is required to cause fractures or a dislocation of the talus. This can include falls and car accidents, as well as sports like snow-boarding. However, sometimes talus fractures occur with only small injuries when the bones are weak, as in osteoporosis.

Fractures of the talus are often difficult to manage. Most of the bone surfaces are covered by a protective smooth substance called cartilage. Cartilage does not allow blood vessels to enter the bone, and this means that the talus has a vulnerable blood supply. For this reason, talar fractures are frequently associated with death of the bone, or 'avascular necrosis'.

Talus fractures will often require surgery and long rehabilitation. Severe fracture-dislocations of the talus sometimes require removal of the bone fragments and ankle fusion (arthrodesis) to achieve recovery.

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21 September, 2012