Footwear in Orthopaedics


Orthotics are shoes, shoe inserts or leg braces that alter the way the leg, foot or ankle sit and move. These are most often foot orthotics or shoe inserts. Other orthotics include supports for the ankle, knee, hip or combinations of these.

Uses for orthotics include:

  • Relieving symptoms - like pain, eg metatarsalgia may be treated with a foot orthotic that transfers weight to other areas of the foot during walking
  • Support - eg orthotics to support high arches.
  • Maintaining aligment
  • Prevent injuries & deformities developing:
  • Eg prevents shortening of the Achilles

Types of orthotics:

  1. Accomodative
  2. Semi-Rigid
  3. Rigid
  4. Semi-Prothesis

Your orthotic should be:

  • Comfortable
  • improve rather that impede walking - they should facilitate painless rolling of the foot during ambulation.

18 October, 2011