Bunions | Hallux Valgus


Your doctor can identify a bunion simply by examining your foot. During the exam, your doctor will ask you to move your big toe up and down to determine if your range of motion is limited. Your doctor will also look for signs of redness or swelling and asks you about pain.

After examing your foot, taking an X-ray allows your doctor to determine the cause of the bunion and to assess its severity.

Rarely, other tests may be ordered including:

Your doctor will likely ask questions about the types of shoes you wear and how frequently you wear them. He or she may also ask if anyone in your family has had bunions or if you've had any injury to your foot.

Normal Xray of the Right Foot
Above - Xray of the normal Right Foot

bunion hallux valgus

This X-Ray shows hallux valgus deformity & bunions in both feet, with a more exxagerated deformity on the right. Note the angle of the metatarsal bone. - it should lie in a line as the other toes do.

11 August, 2012